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A Final Four Miracle for Realtor

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

The bar was packed. It was Final Four weekend and the crowd was a sea of blue and orange.

Bill was in the middle of it all, holding a beer, bigger than his head, and a smile to match.

“Buzzzzzzzzz” “That’s half-time folks” said the announcer. Bill put down his very large beer, gingerly, as if not to break it. He quickly picked up his smart phone and began tapping on the screen. You could read his lips. “Repair this” he would say, with a tilt of his head followed and exaggerated thumb press and the word, “next”

Again, “repair this…next.” …with the same head and thumb combination. Occasionally he would change his tempo and tilt his head the opposite direction and say, “Repair that” followed by “next.” After about 10 minutes of this, he could be seen pressing a few final buttons, and one last big thumb press as he ended a definitive head nod and the word “submit.”

“That’s how you make a repair request list!” Bill could be heard telling the his client who sat across the table. They topped it off with a big high five as Bill picked up his beer. Everybody cheered!

Of course, Bill was tapped into the new (CRL) Create Repair/Request List feature of AmeriSpec MidSouth’s reports. On any Internet-ready device, you can easily pull photos and text directly from the inspection report and into a Repair Request Addendum. Agents say that this feature literally saves them hours per inspection. Bill is just glad he could take care of it during half-time. We recommend you do it before you order another giant beer though.

If you’re interested in checking out this feature go to: or contact Matt Beickert (901) 352-9600


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