Mold Inspection and Air Testing

Would you trust a company to test for mold if you knew that they made more profit from remediation and clean up?  You don’t have to.

AmeriSpec doesn’t provide remediation or removal services, so we are a truly unbiased third-party.  We are there to test air quality and suspected mold surfaces in your home before and after you hire a remediation company. We are there for you after the cleanup to make sure the problem is solved.

Our professional inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the source and extent of any mold problem and recommend a solution. The inspector will perform a visual inspection, conduct air quality sampling with laboratory analysis, temperature and humidity readings, moisture assessment and respirable particle sampling. If mold is identified, the inspector will include the proper protocol for mold remediation. AmeriSpec MidSouth can also refer a specialist from our network of independent, certified mold remediation specialists. After mold remediation, the inspector will conduct a post remediation test to ensure that all mold issues have been removed.

  • Test your home for allergens and air quality

  • We are an unbiased 3rd party - we don't remediate

  • Trusted Professionals

To Schedule a Mold Inspection please click here or call (901) 800-9388.

Why do you need Mold Testing?

Mold growth is a common problem; a leak or water intrusion can easily result in a mold issue. Mold can be the cause of numerous respiratory ailments, as well as cause extensive property damage. Some individuals may not even be aware of any water damage, but suspect mold growth due to the musty odor that mold gives off. If you have recently experienced any form of water damage or suspect mold, you need to have mold testing and mold inspection completed by a professional organization, like AmeriSpec MidSouth, as a first step to determine if remediation and removal is necessary.